Minnie Mouse Photo Prop

I recently completed this adorable Minnie Mouse photo prop for some dear friends of mine!  I nearly missed my chance getting this to them on time as their little bundle of joy made her appearance into the world early Monday morning!

I altered this pattern a lot from the original that is linked below.

For the hat, I opted to use a generic infant hat pattern located with a quick Pinterest search.  I wanted to ensure I made something with a little stretch.  The ears were done starting with a basic magic circle, 11 dc, join, and second row two dc in each stitch before fastening off.  The way each ear was attached was a slight bend of the ear – creating an almost semi-circle.

The bow just consisted of back and forth rows of dc until it reached an appropriate size with sc around the edge for a finished look.


The skirt was a little more complicated and I deviated from the original pattern often to match what I was going for.
For the diaper cover, I was using a worsted weight yarn that gave a smaller gauge.  Following the pattern, I added some additional rows to help increase the size of the cover.  To help create some flexibility with size, I added two buttons that would help allow the skirt to fit more snug or loose as needed.
The tail matched the pattern and was added with no additional alterations.
For the skirt itself, three additional rows were added to provide some length.
The polka dots were created with a basic magic circle that included 11dc and join before fastening off.  10 were made and attached to the skirt.
As pictured, I attached the skirt to the diaper cover in a different manner.  This, again, was done to provide flexibility (as you can never predict the size of someone’s baby).  I started attached the diaper cover to on end of the skirt and only attached the back of the cover to the skirt.  The pattern asked that you measure the amount before creating the skirt.  I attached a small button to the inside of the (non-diaper cover) skirt corner.  This allowed the additional amount of the skirt to get wrapped around and fastened.


Below is a picture of the finished product.  I used fabric stiffer for the ears but decided to leave the bow a little floppy.


Here are the links to the hat and skirt pattern!  I hope you enjoy!

For the hat and for the skirt


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