Hoot hoot for baby owlets

I LOVE making things for babies!!  Besides the fact that making things for a little one is incredibly less time consuming with faster gratification, it is so fun to do!  When I find out someone around me is expecting, I start to get the itch to be creative.  I love sitting down and pondering all the things that can be made to dapper and beautify the little bundle of joys about to make their way into this world.

While I’m definitely behind sharing many of my projects, I wanted to share one that I’m especially proud at the finished product.  We threw a baby shower for a coworker expecting her second daughter and I knew I wanted to do something to include big sis for her gift as well.

When she mentioned that the nursery was going to include a forest/owl theme, I knew I wanted to make an owl outfit for little sis….which spawned into the adorable matching outfits below.  ❤


Each one got a feathered shirt that I was so nervous that I would completely mess up.  The no-sew matching tutus were a pain to make (as this my first ever attempt) but I was actually overjoyed with how they turned out.

Look at these little outfits!!!!  It (almost) makes me yearn to have another little one of my own!

These outfits were made with a little bit of eyeballing etsy projects and using some patterns as a foundation to get me started.

The hat pattern with ear flaps was borrowed from like patterns on raverly. I found the sizes needed and then sort of winged the rest based on photos on pinterest.  The patterns for the tutus came from doing some basic research on no-sew patterns.  The feathers on the shirt are made out of felt and attached to cotton shirts picked up from hobby lobby.

Hope you enjoy! ❤


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