Gender Reveal Party!

My husband and I recently hosted a wonderful gender reveal party for our best friends.  I immediately took to Pinterest when she told me her theme was pink and blue elephants and began pouring over pages and pages of elephant related boards.

I do believe the finished product of the party turned out amazing!  We were temporarily going through some home redecorating so our canvas was pretty blank and gave us ample opportunity to hang flair all over our walls.


Calendars (she was due end of February, so it was necessary to have one for March as well!) for guests to pick their gender and make predictions on weight, length and date!

Game table and random decor.

Banner celebrating our future little guest (please disregard the wall colors….again we were going through a mini renovation)


Cake table with some added gourmet popcorn.  The cake was ordered from our very own Sullivan Bakery and the cupcakes were added with toppers in support of team pink and team blue!

Hope you enjoy!  All of my ideas came from my baby shower ideas board located here on Pinterest!


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