Hey Everyone and Welcome to Love Bug Crochet!
I’m very new to blogging, but love the craft community and now decided to be part of it!

I’m an extremely busy wife, mother of my one and only little boy, librarian, part time student and lover of all crafty areas, however I have the most experience with crochet.  My skills are not in originality, but duplicating.  I love finding new ideas and making them for myself, friends, family, random strangers….whoever (whether they turn out good or bad).

I grew up learning from my mother (who is more amazing and more original than I could ever hope to be…..no…seriously…if the woman knew how to work a webpage she would put others to shame).  But that could just be my biased opinion because she taught me everything I know.  I first started out making projects for my local 4-H club.  I learned sewing and crocheting and used to enter many of the projects into our county fair.

Fast forward, when I was expecting my first child and I fell in love working on photo props.  The first project was a turtle shell made to have his very first photo taken.

Since then, I have worked on much more and started fine tuning my skills with the help of many online communities.  The outreach to the many creative patterns and sites are wonderful!

Love Bug Crochet is my way of sharing my resources to patterns and displaying my finished projects!

For those interested, you can view my craft wish list and many project ideas Here on my Pinterest page!

Hope you enjoy!



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